• Parody in Blue

Hi folks! I needed a long hiatus from blogging after the midterms, but now I am ready to get going again. And despite it being an odd year, there are elections to look out for this year.

First up: Virginia! The State Senate and House are up for grabs, and we could grab them!

In the Senate, we just need to flip 1 seat to tie, 2 seats to control the chamber. The districts up for grabs are:

S7 (VA Beach and Norfolk) Cheryl Turpin

S8 (VA Beach) Missy Cotter Smasal

S10 (Richmond) Ghazala Hashmi

S12 (Northern suburbs of Richmond) Debra Rodman

S13 (DC suburbs) John Bell

S17 (Fredericksburg) Amy Laufer

S39 (Alexandria) This is a Dem in potential danger, George Barker

And so many great woman candidates here too!!

And in the House, same thing, need to flip 2! There are a TON of flippable districts all over the state so I won't go into them all, but there is no reason we can't do this. Whoever wins this election controls redistricting, so if we don't win here then Republicans will undoubtedly try to redraw things to lock us out for another decade. We need to elect people who will draw FAIR districts. (Note I am not saying to gerrymander in favor of Democrats, but frankly I think only Dems are currently interested in drawing districts in a fair non-partisan designed manner.)

Coming soon, KY, LA, MS, and the NYC elections!

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  • Parody in Blue

Hello dear readers. I have to start out this entry with an apology. I had hoped to cover everything happening in all 50 states before election day, and its just not going to happen, I only got through 24. So instead of trying to blaze through 26 states in 3 days, I am focusing on the most competitive races, at all levels. As the Pod Save guys say, EVERY state is a SWING state!

So if you have any friends who say, my vote doesn't matter, I'm in a Blue state, or a Red state, or a safe House district or whatever, here is a list of the competitive things in each state. It could be Governor, it could be control of a state legislature, it could be a House seat, it could be a ballot measure. Everyone has a reason to vote!

Alabama – abortion ballot measure

Alaska – Governor, 1 House seat, State House

Arizona – Governor, Senate, 4 House seats, State Senate, Attorney General, Secretary of State

Arkansas – 1 House seat, voter ID ballot measure, minimum wage measure

California – 13 House seats, 12 ballot measures

Colorado – Governor, 2 House seats, State House and Senate, redistricting ballot measure, Attorney General, Secretary of State

Connecticut – Governor, State House and Senate, Attorney General

Delaware – State Senate

Florida – Senate, Governor, 8 House seats, State Senate, voting restoration ballot measure, Attorney General

Georgia – Governor, 2 House seats, Secretary of State

Hawaii – Constitutional Convention ballot measure

Idaho – Medicaid Expansion

Illinois – Governor, 4 House seats, Attorney General

Indiana – Senate, 1 House seat

Iowa – Governor, 3 House seats, State House

Kansas – Governor, 2 House seats

Kentucky – 1 House seat

Louisiana – Unanimous jury verdict ballot measure

Maine – Governor, 1 House seat, State House and Senate

Maryland – Governor, Same-day registration ballot measure

Massachusetts – Gender-identity Non-discrimination ballot measure

Michigan – Governor, Senate, 6 House seats, State House and Senate, redistricting ballot measure, better voting ballot measure, marijuana legalization, Attorney General, Secretary of State

Minnesota – Senate, Governor, 5 House seats, State House, Attorney General

Mississippi – Senate

Missouri – Senate, 1 House seat, redistricting ballot measure, medical marijuana, minimum wage measure

Montana – Senate, 1 House seat, absentee voting ballot measure, Medicaid expansion

Nebraska – 1 House seat, Medicaid expansion

Nevada – Senate, Governor, 2 House seats, State Senate, voter registration ballot measure, Attorney General, Secretary of State

New Hampshire – Governor, 1 House seat, State House and Senate

New Jersey – Senate, 5 House seats

New Mexico – Governor, 1 House seat, State House

New York – 9 House seats, State Senate

North Carolina – 4 House seats, voter ID ballot measure

North Dakota – Senate, marijuana legalization

Ohio – Senate, Governor, 4 House seats, Attorney General, Secretary of State

Oklahoma – Governor, 1 House seat

Oregon – Governor, abortion ballot measure

Pennsylvania – Governor, Senate, 9 House seats

Rhode Island – Governor

South Carolina – Governor, 1 House seat

South Dakota – Governor

Tennessee – Governor, Senate

Texas – Senate, 8 House seats

Utah – 1 House, redistricting ballot measure, medical marijuana, Medicaid expansion

Vermont – Governor

Virginia – 4 House seats

Washington – 4 House seats, State House and Senate

West Virginia – Senate, 1 House seat, abortion ballot measure

Wisconsin – Senate, Governor, 2 House seat, State Senate, Attorney General

Wyoming – um, showing there are any Democrats in Wyoming at all? :) Party building has to start somewhere!

Almost everyone has a very important race to vote in, so don't throw away your shot!!!


  • Parody in Blue

Let's hit 2 of the medium sized Blue states! Connecticut and Oregon have 5 Reps each. (Fun fact, only 11 states have double-digits of Reps!) And both a true true Blue, so not a lot is at stake here.

Let's start with Connecticut. The biggest race here is the race for Governor. The incumbent Dem Dan Malloy is not running again, probably because he is pretty unpopular. The Dem nominee is our old friend Ned Lamont, a businessman who has run for a lot of offices over the years, including Governor and quite notably losing a Senate race to bane-of-liberals-existence Joe Lieberman. Governor is also, as I have noted repeatedly, the one office where liberals might be willing to cross over for a socially liberal fiscally moderate Republican, especially when they know they will have a Democratic controlled legislature. None of that bodes well for Ned. Except his opponent is not a moderate, he's a Trumpy businessman. Lucky for Ned, not a lot of people are super into that. We also have races for AG, Sec of State, Treasurer and Comptroller.

For the Senate, Chris Murphy is up and he is awesome! He has very nominal opposition.

In the House, Dems control all 5 seats, and there is basically no chance they will lose any of them. All the action here was in the primaries! (Shoutout to teacher of the year Jahana Hayes who will become the first African American woman (and indeed WOC) Rep from CT!

At the State level, the entire Senate is up! And its currently tied with the Lt Gov being the tiebreaker. So it would be good to win at least one of these seats, just in case you get a nice Trumpy Governor. Races to watch:

SD4 (Manchester): Steve Cassano is the Dem incubment here, and he barely won his race last time despite the district being solidly Blue.

SD13 (Meriden): A flippable district, the Republican won here barely in 2016 in this Blue district. Mary Daugherty Abrams is our candidate.

SD17 (Ansonia): Another Republican who barely won in 2016, this is a Romney/Clinton district. Our candidate is Jorge Cabrera.

SD24 (Danbury): A Republican who has been narrowly winning for a decade in this Blue district, our candidate to flip is Julie Kushner. She is Emily's List endorsed.

In the State House, Dems have an 80-71 majority and all seats are up. Races to watch:

HD2 (Bethel/Danbury): The Republican incumbent here won narrowly in 2016, and the district is medium Blue :) Our candidate to flip is Raghib Allie-Brennan

HD13 (Manchester): An open Republican-held seat in a solid Blue district, this should be ours to take, with Jason Doucette.

HD14 (South Windsor): Another vulnerable Republican in a Blue district, John Pelkey is our candidate to flip.

HD27 (Newington): same, with Gary Turco.

HD30 (Berlin/Southington): A Dem in a Red district, Joe Arescimowicz needs your support to hold the seat.

HD36 (Haddam): vulnerable Republican, Christine Palm to flip!

HD50 (Woodstock/Brooklyn): A vulnerable Dem in a Red district, Pat Boyd.

HD53 (Tolland/Willington): This is very split district, Pat Wilson Pheanious to flip.

HD58 (Enfield): Another split district, Tom Arnone to flip.

HD60 (Windsor Locks): Republican in a Blue district, Jane Garibay to flip.

HD65 (Torrington): A Dem in a Red district, Michelle Cook needs support.

HD99 (East Haven): Dem James Abis baaaarely won last time and he's in a Red district.

HD103 (Cheshire): Dem Liz Linehan barely won last time in this split district.

HD135 (Redding/Easton): A Republican in a deep Blue district, Anne Hughes to flip.

HD138 (Danbury): same, with Kenneth Gucker to flip, PCCC endorsed.

For ballot measures, there are a couple very technical ones, nothing life-or-death.

On to Oregon!

Governor Kate Brown wants her first full term after being appointed to the job in 2015 and winning a special election the next year. She is the first openly LGBTQ governor in the country! However she is not super popular, so despite Oregon being really Blue she only has a narrow lead over her moderate Republican challenger. Repeat everything I have previously said about Blue states liking to flirt with Republican governors. The other statewide offices are not up again til 2020.

There is no Senate race here this year, and Dems hold 4 out of 5 of the House seats. OR2, the only one held by Republicans, is pretty strongly Red so is not being seriously challenged, even this year.

At the state level, half of the State Senate is up. Dems have a 17-13 majority, so could use a little more of a buffer! Especially if they get a Republican governor. Races to watch:

SD3 (Ashalnd): A solid Blue district with a Republican, the seat is open and Jeff Golden wants to flip it!

SD10 (Salem): A very narrowly split district, Deb Patterson is looking to flip it. Emily's List, PCCC, and Our Revolution endorsed.

SD13 (Keizer): A Romney/Clinton district, Sarah Grider is trying to flip.

SD20 (Oregon City): A narrowly Red district, Charles Gallia is our candidate. Our Revolution endorsed.

SD26 (Hood River): Another Republican in a solid Blue district, Chrissy Reitz is looking to flip. Emily's List endorsed.

In the State House, all seats are up and Dems have a 35-25 majority. A few targeted races:

HD26 (Scholls): A somewhat Blue district, Courtney Neron is looking to flip.

HD37 (West Linn): A VERY Blue district, Rachel Prusak wants to flip. Emily's List endorsed.

HD52 (Hood River): A narrowly Blue district, Anna Williams wants to flip.

HD54 (Bend): A VERY Blue district, Nathan Boddie wants the open seat.

Oregon has quite a few ballot measures this year.

102: Would allow state/local bonds to be used to construct affordable housing even if the state doesn't retain ownership. Is widely supported, and seems a good step to addressing the affordable housing crisis.

103: Would ban taxes on groceries. This is not currently an issue but is a preemptive law just in case any locality decides to impose a sales tax. The grocery lobby supports this, but a TON of organizations from the liberal side are opposed, so I would go with no.

104: Would require a 3/5 majority in the legislature to raise taxes. Just look at how well this went over in CA. Vote NO. Taxes aren't special, they shouldn't need an extra majority. This just assures taxes can never be raised as a minority ill always oppose.

105: Would repeal OR's sanctuary state policy. Definite no.

106: Would ban public money being spent on abortion. A perennial conservative favorite, definite no.

For a local measure, Lane County (Eugene) has a measure on the ballot to do Instant Runoff Voting, which I STRONGLY support!

Portland and Multnomah County are also having local elections.

Don't be complacent in Blue states, get out there and VOTE!!!