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Aug 11 - Hawaii!

A bit late, but so is Hawaii! Literally, its 1PM here in the EST, but its still 7 AM over in Hawaii, so we are swimming in time! Polls close 6 PM Hawaii time, 9 PM Pacific, 12AM EST.

Hawaii is the bluest state in the nation, so there is not a lot of drama here in the world of Republican vs Democrat. BUT being that this is a blue state, all the real decisions are made in the primary, so if you don't come out today, you don't get a say in who represents you and governs your state!

So let's start with Governor. After that whole are-we-all-gonna-die-in-a-nuclear-blast thing, incumbent David Ige is facing a slew of challengers, most notably Rep Colleen Hanabusa who is running on the idea that she would be far more competent than Ige has been in a crisis. There is a also an open Lt Governor's race, with 5 candidates. This is a slam-dunk win in November for whoever wins today, so check out websites and platforms here.

In the Senate, Mazie Hirono is unopposed, plenty popular, and a total shoe-in. I bet she's enjoying a nice beach day.

In the House, HI1 (Honolulu) is an open seat since Hanabusa vacated it to run for Governor. There are 7 candidates running. Ed Case is the current front runner, but he is a moderate which seems a waste of a very blue district. I would support Rep Kaniela Ing, a State Rep who has been endorsed by all the major progressive groups. And I would definitely NOT go with Chin or Fukumoto, who have both in the past held conservative positions that they have now switched on. Maybe they have, and I certainly don't want to discourage genuine changes of mind, but since we have excellent candidates who ideology we are very sure of, no reason to take a risk on a convert.

In HI2, basically the rest of the state, Tulsi Gabbard, a rising progressive star, is clearly the favorite. But she has made some controversial statements in support of Syrian dictator al-Assad, supported blocking Syrian refugees, and supported far-right or dictatorial candidates in other nations. So she is facing a challenge from another strong progressive, Sherry Campagna. I would encourage Hawaiians to look at Gabbard's record and decide if they are ok with it or not, since her challenger is just as progressive on domestic policy.

Hawaii is also having primaries for State Senate and House. In the Senate, Dems dominate, there are no Republican incumbents at all. But there are some primary fights, and the winner will win November in a walk so THIS IS THE GENERAL. There are open seats in SD3 (Hilo area), SD19 (Honolulu), and SD24 (Honolulu). There are also several challenges to incumbents, so check out the full list.

All State House seats are up, and Dems hold almost all of them. There are open seats in HD11 (Maui), and HD23, HD36, HD41, HD43, HD48, HD49, and HD50 (all Honolulu). There are also several primary challenges to incumbents. Full List

There is also a primary for the Honolulu City Council.

Have a great election day, Hawaii!!! Enjoy your deep blue-ness by electing Dems you like!


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