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Aug 21 - Alaska and Wyoming!

So the two least populous states in the nation have their primary on the same day! Which is nice for me, because then I don't have to look up the geography of the House districts. Both states seem super red, but AK has had a number of Dems elected statewide. And look how often Lisa Murkowski is considered a possible swing vote. And look, nearly 56,000 people in WY voted for Hillary Clinton, almost 22%! They deserve love and attention too, can't be easy being in the minority. Like being conservative in a coastal city :)

Let's start with Alaska!

Governor: AK currently has an independent governor, who joined with the Dem nominee last time on a ticket. While he has a net positive approval rating, he is considered quite vulnerable. There is 1 Dem running, Mark Begich, who is a former Senator and can boast having won statewide races before. There is a lot of concern about how things will shake out in November, but at the moment there is no primary race.

In the House seat, there are 4 Dems running. The best of the bunch looks to be Education Activist Alyse Galvin or businessman Dimitri Shein. AK is only R+9, in a wave year that's not out of reach, so check out both of these folks.

At the state level, half the state Senate is up, but there are no active Dem primaries.

In the state House, all 40 seats are up, and there are several active Dem primaries.

HD10 (Matanuska-Susitna): 2 Dems running to challenge the incumbent

HD15 (Anchorage): 3 Dems running to challenge the incumbent

HD20 (Anchorage): 3 Dems running to hold this open seat, THIS IS THE GENERAL

HD33 (Ketchikan): 4 Dems running in this safe seat, THIS IS THE GENERAL

HD34 (Sitka): 2 Dems running to hold this open seat, THIS IS THE GENERAL

HD38 (Denali to Yukon Delta): The Dem incumbent has a challenger.

Ok, on to Wyoming!

The governor's seat is open, and its pretty widely expected to stay Republican, but we should still put up a good and credible candidate for party building. There are 4 Dems running, and the best of the bunch is Mary Throne.

For the Senate, John Barasso is up, there is only 1 Dem running, and there is no chance we win this one. Even if Barasso murders someone, he will still win and then resign for a special election.

At the state level, half of the state Senate is up, and there are no active Dem primaries.

In the House, all 60 seats are up. There are 2 active Dem primaries.

HD14 (Laramie): 2 Dems are running against the incumbent.

HD44 (Cheyenne): 2 Dems are running to hold this open seat.

Let's give these Red State Dems some love!!! #beavoter

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