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Aug 28 Pt 2 - Arizona!

Don't let Florida suck up the oxygen, Arizona is having a primary too.

First up, the Governor's race. Current Governor Doug Ducey is favored to win a 2nd term, but 4 Democrats are running to try and unseat him. Steve Farley is the only one with any elective experience, though David Garcia has excellent education credentials. In any case, no one terribly top tier. There are also 2 Dems running for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

In the Senate, Jeff Flake is retiring, and this is the 2nd best opportunity for a Dem pickup after Nevada. Rep Krysten Sinema is the Emily's List endorsed candidate and she is great!

The passing of Senator John McCain on Saturday means that his seat will be contested in a special election in "the next general election." Due to the need to have plenty of time before the primary, the state election board interpreted that to mean 2020, though there is talk of a lawsuit to force the special election this year. I doubt it will happen, but stay tuned.

In the House, there are several potential pick-ups!

AZ2 (Tuscon and SE corner): an open seat in a split district, former Rep Ann Kirkpatrick is the Emily's List endorsed candidate in this very crowded field.

AZ6 (NE suburbs of Phoenix): More of a longshot, but still possible in a wave year, 3 Dems are running to unseat David Schweikert. All 3 are political newbies, but all 3 have excellent progressive platforms, so its hard to pick. I lean towards Anita Malik, but they are all good choices.

There are a couple other important races, but they don't have active primaries.

At the state level, all 30 State Senate seats are up! And we need 3 seats to get the majority!

SD3 (Tuscon): a safe Dem open seat, THIS IS THE GENERAL and 2 ladies are running for the seat.

SD8 (Casa Grande, SE of Phoenix): 2 ladies are running to challenge the Republican incumbent.

SD9 (Tuscon): another safe Dem open seat, THIS IS THE GENERAL! Victoria Steele is the Emily's List endorsed candidate.

SD14 (Sierra Vista, SE corner): 2 Dems are running to try and flip this open seat.

SD20 (Phoenix, Glendale): 2 Dems are running to try and flip this open seat.

SD22 (Phoenix): Brianna Westbrook is the Our Revolution endorsed candidate to flip this open seat.

SD26 (Tempe): The Dem incumbent has a challenger.

SD27 (Phoenix): another safe Dem open seat, THIS IS THE GENERAL! Rebecca Rios is the Emily's List endorsed candidate.

Full List

All 60 House seats are up! Dems need 6 seats to gain control. There are active primaries in almost every district, so I can't list them all, but here are some endorsements:

Emily's List: Felicia French HD6, Kirsten Engel HD10, Mitzi Epstein HD18, Hazel Chandler HD20, Talonya Adams HD27, Raquel Terán HD30.

Our Revolution: LaDawn Stuben HD18, Marcus Ferrell HD24.

Full List

There are also some municipal primaries for city council etc, list here

Get out there Arizona! You're the next contestant on Who Wants to Be a Blue State?


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