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Aug 7 - Missouri!

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

We continue with the Aug 7 primaries today with Missouri!

Once a bellwether state, it's gone hard right in recent years. But that is all the more reason for Dems to fight to reclaim the state!

MO is an important Senate race this year. Claire McCaskill is a top target for Republicans, so we are going to need to fight hard to keep her in her seat if we have any hope of flipping the Senate. 6 people are running against her in the primary, but even if she isn't as liberal as you would like, this is no time to primary her. If this is an open seat, it will be that much harder to hold than with the power of incumbency. Plus none of these candidates is particularly special or impressive.

MO also has one hotly contested House race (all the others are pretty solidly one party or the other) MO2 is the suburbs South and West of St Louis and is only R+8. 5 Dems are running, Mark Osmack looking the most impressive.

Also of note is MO1 - covering the city of St Louis, a safe Dem district, the incumbent has drawn a few challengers, notably Cori Bush running on a highly progressive platform. Whoever wins the primary will easily win the general, so if this district wants a change, now is the time!

On the state level, half the Senate is up for election. There are active Dem primaries in:

SD4 (St Louis): The Dem incumbent has a challenger in this safe district.

SD6 (Jefferson City): 3 Dems running to flip this open seat.

SD14 (St Louis area, Ferguson): an open seat in a safe Dem district, THIS IS THE GENERAL

SD22 (St Louis area): 2 Dems are running to challenge the Republican incumbent.


State House - The whole House is up, and thanks to term limits there are a LOT of open seats. 23 of the districts have active primaries, check out the list here

There is also an important ballot measure on Aug 7 for some reason. Vote NO on Proposition A to overturn union-busting legislation!!!

There are some municipal elections this year, but no major primaries.

We will finish with WA tomorrow! In the meantime, spread this to your MO friends and family!!!



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