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Finishing up June 12 - Virginia, South Carolina, and North Dakota!

So I got a little behind and we have to hit our final 3 states today!

First up, Virginia!

Fortunately VA did all its state elections last year (and elected a lot of Dems!) so we only have House races here. Tim Kaine is up in the Senate, but he is of course awesome (and should be VP right now!!!) and so is not being challenged.

We are trying to flip 4 House seat this time around:

D2 (Virginia Beach and Norfolk): Emily's List has endorsed Elaine Luria to flip this seat.

D5 (Charlottesville): Leslie Cockburn is the Emily's List choice and no one else is running against her! Open seat.

D7 (Suburbs of Richmond, Fredericksburg and Charlottesville): Emily's List has endorsed Abigail Spanberger to take out aptly named incumbent David Brat.

D10 (DC suburbs, Loudon County): As this is considered the most flippable, there are 6 people running on the Dem side. Check out State Sen. Jennifer Wexton, and also scientist Julia Biggins, former State Dept official Alison Friedman, and former VA official Lindsey Davis Stover. Lots of good talent here!

There are also Mayor and/or city council races in Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach!

On to South Carolina!

Its a red state, so not a lot of stuff for Dems here, but they are there and we should not be writing anything off! It also does runoffs if no one gets 50% on June 26.

For House races:

D1 (Coast including Charleston): The only district considered flippable by Cook, 2 men are competing to go up against Mark Sanford, the former governor of Appalachian Trail fame.

D5 (area north of Columbia): Not normally considered close, but for the surprisingly close results in the special election last year. However, it has come out recently that the previous nominee Archie Parnell has a history of spousal abuse, so the DCCC is hoping that ANYONE ELSE wins. Sidney Moore looks like the best option there.

There is a governor's race, but there is little chance of a Dem winning there. Still, best to put up the best person possible to work on party building! I would go with the Marguerite Willis/John Scott ticket, with James Smith/Mandy Powers as my 2nd choice.

No State Senate this year, but there are House races. If Dems can hang on to all of their seats, they can prevent the Republicans having a 2/3 majority to override vetoes. There are a lot of districts with no Dem candidate at all, so this is a state where we really should look at doing more recruiting and party building. Districts with more than 1 Dem in the primary include 19, 25, 41, 45, 55, 62, 64, 77, 95, 103, and 122. Most of these are safe Dem seats that are either open, or where the incumbent is being challenged, so this is the general! Full List

Finally, another ruby-red state, North Dakota.

Our dear threatened Heidi Heitkamp is up for Senate, but there is no active primary (and definitely no reason for one, without Heidi we lose this seat).

The 1 House seat is open as the incumbent is running against Heidi, but it's doubtful we have any shot at it, and only one Dem is running.

We do have half the State Senate and House up this year. In the Senate, we would need to flip 7 seats to break the veto-override majority. There are no competitive Dem primaries this year, so we'll get back to this in November.

In the House, Dems would need to flip 19 seats to even stop the veto-override majority. Obviously this is not a place Dems have even a blip of power. Nevertheless, there are multiple people running in most districts. Full list

Share this with your friends in these states! #beavoter!

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