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I'm back again! And yes, there are off-year elections!

Hi folks, I am so sorry I haven't updated this blog in so long. The pandemic and then the election of 2020 just...subsumed me. I will try to keep up better going forward. With that said...

There are Primary elections tomorrow (Jun 8) in New Jersey and Virginia. The Dems currently have control of those state legislatures and governorships and we want to keep it that way! So it's very important to pick good candidates if you are in a Red or Flippable district, and it's important to pick a good progressive person if you are in a safe-Blue district.

Let's start with VA cause that's more exciting.

Governor: This is a biggie! VA only lets governors do one-term, so there is a primary every year. Terry McAuliffe is the big name running again, but there are several people running against him, most notably Jennifer Carroll Foy. She seems pretty great and is endorsed by Emily's List. Jennifer McClellan also has a number of great endorsements, including NARAL VA. Both are women of color who would be amazing firsts.

We have other statewide offices like Lt Governor, where there are several candidates, Emily's List has endorsed Hala Ayala. Attorney General, we have two candidates, both with a lot of various endorsements, I lean toward Jerrauld Jones.

Finally we have the House of Delegates. Not all districts have a competitive primary, but many do!

Now to NJ, less action here. Phil Murphy is running mostly unopposed for Governor, and there are only a few competitive primaries in the State Senate and House. But still, you might have one, so check it out!

Go be a voter!

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