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I'm Back! And there are off-year elections!

Hi folks! I needed a long hiatus from blogging after the midterms, but now I am ready to get going again. And despite it being an odd year, there are elections to look out for this year.

First up: Virginia! The State Senate and House are up for grabs, and we could grab them!

In the Senate, we just need to flip 1 seat to tie, 2 seats to control the chamber. The districts up for grabs are:

S7 (VA Beach and Norfolk) Cheryl Turpin

S8 (VA Beach) Missy Cotter Smasal

S10 (Richmond) Ghazala Hashmi

S12 (Northern suburbs of Richmond) Debra Rodman

S13 (DC suburbs) John Bell

S17 (Fredericksburg) Amy Laufer

S39 (Alexandria) This is a Dem in potential danger, George Barker

And so many great woman candidates here too!!

And in the House, same thing, need to flip 2! There are a TON of flippable districts all over the state so I won't go into them all, but there is no reason we can't do this. Whoever wins this election controls redistricting, so if we don't win here then Republicans will undoubtedly try to redraw things to lock us out for another decade. We need to elect people who will draw FAIR districts. (Note I am not saying to gerrymander in favor of Democrats, but frankly I think only Dems are currently interested in drawing districts in a fair non-partisan designed manner.)

Coming soon, KY, LA, MS, and the NYC elections!

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