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Its Primary Day again!!!

Another Tuesday, another big primary!!

Oregon, Pennsylvania, Idaho, and Nebraska!

Check out previous posts for the rundown on the other states, but here is Pennsylvania:

Federal House primaries

There are a LOT of important primaries today because due to redistricting there are a number of open seats and newly competitive districts, so if you live in PA, there's a good chance you are in a district with one!

District 1 - Emily's List has endorsed Rachel Reddick to try and flip this seat!

District 4 - Because its a safe Dem open seat, THIS IS THE GENERAL ELECTION! Madeleine Dean is the Emily's List endorsed candidate in this race.

District 5 - Um, 11 people are fighting it out for this nomination, so... I say, pick one of the women!

District 6 - Chrissy Houlihan is the only Dem running and is Emily's List endorsed.

District 7 - only 6 people running in the one, pick a fave!

District 10 - Former Obama aid Shavonia Corbin-Johnson is the Emily's List endorsed candidate to flip this seat.

District 14 - Four Dems are competing to hold Conor Lamb's old seat (he moved to District 17) Pick a fave!

District 16 - Three guys are fighting to flip this seat, check them out and pick one.

There has been major redistricting, so if you live in PA or are talking to your PA friends, make sure you/they check to see what district they are in as it may have changed from 2016!

There are also State House and Senate primaries today, too many to list, but they are important too! Check them out here:,_2018,_2018

There are a few special elections today as well in Alabama and Wisconsin for state legislature!!!!


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