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July 24 - Georgia Runoffs!

Hello faithful blog readers! I know its been a while since I posted, but July is a pretty dead month for primaries, and I'm currently on a show contract, so it's been a nice break! I've even taken a little news break, and let me tell you it's really nice not knowing exactly what Trump has been tweeting every single day. Primaries will really ramp up again in August, but for July we do have one little bit, and that is the Georgia runoffs!

There are Dem runoffs in 2 districts, both of them potentially flippable.

D6 (ATL northern suburbs): folks in this district must be really getting sick of all the elections, but its not over yet, there is one more before the big one in November! Dems are having a runoff to determine who is going to try to knock off newly special-elected Karen Handel. Lucy McBath is the Emily's List endorsed candidate.

D7 (NE ATL suburbs): right to the east of D6, this much less publicized but still grabbable seat is having a runoff on the Dem side as well. Carolyn Bordeaux is the Emily's List endorsed candidate.

So if you or someone you know is in the Atlanta area, get out there! #beavoter


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