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June 26th - MS and SC runoffs!

Just a quick hit on a couple of runoffs in these states! Turnout will be even lower since these are not statewide primaries, so make sure to alert people you know in these states!

(Spell) Mississippi!

There is a Dem runoff for Senate for the right to challenge Roger Wicker. While many political pundits say this race will be an easy Republican win, Doug Jones won in Alabama and MS has an even higher percentage of African-American voters. If they turn out, we could pull off another crazy win. Though, the choice here is between 2 white guys, David Baria and Howard Sherman. I would give the edge to Baria, but whoever has the enthusiasm behind him is who we need.

South Carolina!

House District 2 (area SW of Columbia to Augusta GA): This is a very Republican district, but hey, you never know! The 2 Dems in the runoff are Sean Carrigan and Annabelle Robertson. Robertson would be my personal choice, but Dems in the district have to decide who they feel most excited about, since it would require massive turnout and enthusiasm to flip this one.

House District 4 (Greenville and Spartanburg): Another long shot, but this is Trey Gowdy's open seat, and the Republicans are also having a runoff. Its Brandon Brown vs Lee Turner, with Turner being my pick. But again, this is about turnout and enthusiasm.

House District 7 (NE area): This race is less of a long shot in a blue wave year! We have Mal Hyman vs Robert Williams. I give the edge to Williams as a State Rep and veteran.

State House has Dem runoff in:

HD77 (Columbia): A Dem seat, so THIS IS THE GENERAL, incumbent Joseph McEarchern is facing a strong challenge from Kambrell Garvin.

Go vote again, Mississippi and South Carolina!!!!

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