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June 26th - NEW YORK!!!!! Its finally my turn!

We have finally come to my state, New York! I am sooo excited to vote, and since many of my friends live in NY, I hope they are too! If anyone knows of any primary results parties, hit me up. Though not in Brooklyn, I am not schlepping to Brooklyn :)

Just a note, New York has 2 primary days, one for Federal and one for State. This Tuesday is the Federal for House and Senate, the state primary for Governor and state legislature will be on September 13.

In the Senate, Kirsten Gillibrand is up and has no primary challenge. Though who knows, we may be having a special election for this seat come 2020 if Gillibrand leaves for higher office :)

The House is where all the action is, all but 1 of the Republican held seats are potentially flippable here, and its very important we get the best candidates in all of these races.

D1 (Eastern Long Island Suffolk County): 6 Dems are running here.

D1(Long Island Southern coast, Suffolk): 2 Dems running here, Emily's List has endorsed Liuba Grechen Shirley

D11 (Staten Island and a tiny bit of Brooklyn in Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst): 6 Dems are running here

D19 (area south and east of Albany from New Paltz): Erin Collier is the Emily's List endorsed candidate in this crowded race.

D21 (whole northern chunk of the state above Albany): 5 Dems running here

D22 (Binghamton, Utica): Only 1 Dem running here

D23 (Southern half of the panhandle, Ithaca): 5 Dems running

D24 (Syracuse): Only 2 here, surprising since this is a top target.

There are also some important primaries in the Dem-held districts, where THIS IS THE GENERAL!!!

D14 (Bronx-Morris Park, Parkchester, Pelham Bay, Throgs Neck, Queens-Astoria, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Woodside): Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is running a strong challenge from the left against 20-year incumbent Joe Crowley. Due to redistricting, D14 has changed a lot and Ocasio-Cortez contends that Crowley is no longer representative of the district.

D25 (Rochester): Long-time Rep Louise Slaughter passed away, leaving this an open seat in a safe Dem district. 4 Dems are running, and whoever wins this primary is certain to get the seat in November.

See the websites of ALL candidate here

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