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June 26th - Oklahoma and Utah!

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Ok, so there aren't a lot of Democrats in Oklahoma and Utah, but they deserve some love!

First up, Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a runoff state, with the top 2 in any race where there isn't a majority winner facing off again on August 28th.

There is an open governor's race, and actually OK had a Dem governor for 8 years prior to the current one, so its not a race we should just write off. 2 Dems are running, Drew Edmundson and Connie Johnson. Both are qualified, check them both out.

There is also a big ballot initiative being voted on on Tuesday to legalize medical marijuana. If medical marijuana is legal in a deep red state like Oklahoma, it would be a huge boon to the movement. And hopefully, this initiative will be a good incentive to get people to the polls!

No Senate races in OK this year, and there is not a single Dem House member from Oklahoma. None are rated competitive, but the closest would be D5 which is the least conservative at R+10. Of course, this is the district containing the state's largest city, Oklahoma City. There are actually 6 Dem candidates, which is a heartening show of enthusiasm! Notable among them is Elysabeth Britt, a former Marine, and Kendra Horn, a former Congressional aid.

In the State Senate, Republicans unsurprisingly have an insanely large majority. This is a place to start party building and showing more enthusiasm even if there won't be a lot of victories. Though in 2 special elections last year, Dems managed to flip 2 seats so you never know what might happen! Plus Oklahoma's teachers are ON FIRE! Half of the Senate is up, there are active primaries in:

SD4 (Fort Smith area), SD16 (Norman), SD30 (Oklahoma City), SD32 (Lawton), SD36 (Tulsa), SD40 (Oklahoma City), SD48 (Oklahoma City). Let's get the best possible candidates to gain some seats!

All 101 House seats are also up, and about half the districts have active Dem primaries as well.

There are also a number of municipal elections, notably in Oklahoma County and City and Tulsa County and City.

On to Utah!

There is a Senate race, and only one Dem running, Jenny Wilson, so we'll meet her in November.

For the House, all 4 districts are very Republican and only one, D4 is considered at all flippable. The nominee has already been selected by convention (a Utah quirk) so there isn't a primary.

On to the State Senate, half of the seats are up. Republicans have a massive majority, but again, we shouldn't be writing off any state. There are active Democratic primaries in SD2 (Salt Lake City and SD26 (NE corner).

In the State House, there is a similar lopsided majority and all of the seats are up. There is only 1 active Democratic primary in HD24 (Salt Lake City).

Get out there and vote, closet liberals of Oklahoma and Utah!!!! #beavoter

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