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June 5th Super Tuesday Part 2 - Iowa and Mississippi!

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Just a note before we start, VA just voted to approve the Medicaid expansion and the newly elected Democratic governor will sign it! Hundreds of thousands of the poorest people in VA just got access to health care. These state elections really matter!!!

More June 5th primary states, Iowa and Mississippi (BTW, I am totally singing the spell Mississippi song every time I type that)

Ok let's start with Iowa! There is a governor's race, where the incumbent Republican Kim Reynolds is generally expected to keep her seat. However, IA has been swingy, and has several Democrats in state-wide elected office, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. Five Democrats are running. Cathy Glasson is a nurse and local union president campaigning on better jobs and a higher minimum wage. Fred Hubbell is an insurance executive who has served on the board of Planned Parenthood. Andy McGuire (who is a lady-type person) is a physician running on improving health care and fighting privatization of Medicaid. John Norris is a former aid to Tom Vilsack with a lot of agriculture policy experience, who is also campaigning against the privatization of Medicaid. Finally, Ross Wilburn is a former mayor of Iowa City, a military vet, and a POC, campaigning on better education. All of these candidates would be great to carry the banner. For full profiles on each, check out the Des Moines Register. (The website is really obnoxious but it has great info!)

Moving to IA's House races, two districts are thought to be flippable. In District 1, which is the NE area of the state including Dubuque and Cedar Rapids, 4 Dems are running. Emily's List has endorsed Abby Finkenauer, a State-Rep and non-profit executive.

In District 3, which is the SW part of the state including Des Moines, 3 Dems are running. Emily's List has endorsed Cindy Axne, a digital design firm owner. Let's flip those seats!!!

Both of Iowa's legislatures are currently Republican controlled, but the gap is not insurmountable. For the State Senate, there is a competitive primary in districts 21 (Des Moines), 37 (Iowa City), and 41 (Ottumwa). We need to flip 5 seats to take back the Senate.

In the State House, there are competitive primaries in districts 28, 30, 31, and 38 (Des Moines), 56, 57 and 99 (Dubuque), 68 (Cedar Rapids), 72, 75, 83, and 88. Democrats need to flip 10 seats to take back the House!

Find your state legislature candidates here: House Senate

Moving on to Mississippi!

This is one of those Southern state with runoffs, which will be held June 26th.

MS is having TWO Senate races! TWO! Because Roger Wicker is up fore re-election as normal, and there is a special election for the rest of Thad Cochrane's term because he resigned due to health reasons. And MS isn't all that different than Alabama, and in fact has the highest % of African-American population in the country, so a good turnout among AAs and liberal whites could net us 1 or even both of these seats! 6 Dems are running to challenge Wicker. David Baria is the leading candidate, as the State House Minority leader, while the other 5 are newer and fighting to gain some recognition. Perhaps to make it to the run-off? Omeria Scott looks most likely to break out of the pack.

In the other race, Mike Espy is the only Democratic candidate so he will need your support in the fall.

None of MS's Congressional districts are expected to be competitive, though in a wave year the open seat in District 3 might be something to watch. Michael Ted Evans is up against the first openly gay MS candidate, Michael Aycox.

MS's state Senate and House are not up til 2019, so we will have fun with them next year!

Bottom line, even in red states we have room to RUN! Get out there and vote June 5th!

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