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June 5th Super Tuesday Primaries Pt 3! Montana and South Dakota

Continuing to plow through the 8 states having primaries on June 5th, here are 2 of the smaller (at least population-wise!) states in our roundup.

Let's start with Montana!

Senator Jon Tester is up for re-election this year, but there is no active primary so we'll get back to him in November!

MT is one of seven states with only one Congressional Rep, so the whole state is the House District. You may remember that after Trump appointed Zinke to be Secretary of the Interior (and what a bang up/corrupt job he is doing there!), MT had a special election where Republican Greg Gianforte was elected despite getting into a physical altercation with a reporter. It's a long shot race, but hey, MT is a maverick state with a Dem governor and 1 Dem Senator (plus it's a cheap media market) so anything is possible! Five Dems are running to challenge the anger-challenged Gianforte. My personal pick is Kathleen Williams, a former State-Rep and non-profit executive who is focused on health care, women's rights, and rural jobs.

Some of the State Senate and State Reps are up for election as well.

In the Senate, there are competitive primaries in districts 22 (Billings), and 41(Helena). Dems could take control by flipping 8 seats.

In the House, Dems could take control by flipping 10 seats. Thanks to term limits, there are a lot of open seats! There are competitive primaries in districts 13 (Thompson Falls), 25 (Great Falls), 49, 50, 52, and 56 (Billings), 75 (Montana City), 81 (Helena), 85 (Hamilton), 89, 91,92, 94, and 97(Missoula) and 93 (St Ignatius).

Full list here! Senate House

Let's move on to South Dakota!

There is a governor's race, but being that SD is a very red state, only one Democrat is running, Billie Sutton. We'll talk more about her in November.

No Senate race this year, and like MT, South Dakota only has one state-wide Rep in Congress. The seat is open due to Kristi Noem running for governor, but again, only one Dem is running. Tim Bjorkman is our guy, and we'll get to know him in November.

The State Senate and House are up as well. Republicans have overwhelming majorities in both chambers. The Democratic seats tend to be unopposed seats and not very competitive, so the primaries are essentially the general election. Only 2 Senate districts have a competitive primary. D1 in the NW corner has no Republican opponent, so June 5th is for all the marbles! D27, home of the Oglala Sioux tribe, is the same situation.

In the State House, there are competitive primaries in almost every district! Check out the candidates for both here: Senate House

Don't write these states off being being red, rural, and pro-Trump. We may have differences, but everyone wants health care and good jobs!

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