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June 5th Super Tuesday Primaries Pt 4! New Mexico and New Jersey!

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Going from 2 rural red states to 2 much more populated blues states, New Mexico and New Jersey! (CA will be a 2 parter Sun and Mon)

Let's start out west with NM:

There is an open seat for governor, and probably the Dem's most likely pickup now that the state is trending pretty blue. Three Dem candidates are hoping to grab the spot. Michelle Lujan Grisham is the Emily's List endorsed candidate. They have also endorsed Maggie Toulouse Oliver for Secretary of State and Stephanie Garcia Richards for Land Commissioner.

In the House - District 1 is a safe Dem seat, and its open because of Michelle Lujan Grisham's run for governor, so this primary IS THE GENERAL! I can't say it enough, in safe seats you can't just wait for November because the decision will already have been made for you by those who bothered to show up for the primary. There are 6 candidates running, and since there is no runoff, the winner could easily be decided by a few hundred votes. My two favorites are Deb Haaland, who would be the first Native American woman in Congress, and Antionette Sedillo Lopez, an activist in the Latin American community. Both would be excellent choices.

District 2 is a top target for flipping. Emily's List has endorsed Xochitl Torres Small for this task!

NM's Senate isn't up again til 2020, but ALL of its House seats are. Democrats won control is 2016 and they want to keep it! There is a primary in District 13 (Albuquerque) in a safe seat, Emily's List has endorsed Patricia Roybal Caballero. In D33 (Mesilla) there are 3 ladies battling for the open seat. In D40 (Espanola), Emily's List has endorsed Paula Garcia. D43 (Los Alamos) Christine Chandler. And in some incumbent challenges, Emily's List has endorsed Andrea Romero in D46 (Pojoaque).

And in major municipal elections, Bernalillo County, which is where Albuquerque is, will be electing a Sheriff. Incumbent Gonzales is facing a serious challenge from retired Sheriff and local police chief Sylvester Stanley, who has made rebuilding trust in the community a major issue. Either way, this is an important opportunity to speak with potential law enforcement leaders and make sure they are on board with criminal justice reform and better policing practices. Read more here at the Albuquerque Journal.

On to New Jersey!!!

Lots of Congress action here! Starting with the Senate seat held by recently mistrialed Bob Menendez. While I am really not wild about keeping a Senator with major ethical problems, not many top candidates wanted to challenge the very powerful Menendez which is quite unfortunate. He did draw one challeger, Lisa McCormick, who definitely deserves a look. If she does manage to topple Menendez, she shouldn't have trouble winning the seat in the general.

In the House, NJ is a top target for flippable seats.

D2 (Southern 3rd) - This open seat has drawn 4 challengers, though Jeff Van Drew seems to be the early favorite.

D4 (Monmouth County) - Josh Welle, a vet, is the frontrunner here.

D7 (Northern containing Hunterdon county and parts of Essex, Morris, Somerset, Union, and Warren) - This seat has three Dems hoping to be the one to flip it. Notable is Tom Malinowski, a former State Dept official under Obama.

D11 (Morris County and parts of Essex, Passaic and Sussex) - This open seat has drawn 5 challengers, but Emily's List has endorsed Mikie Sherill, an attorney and Navy vet.

No state government elections this year. For municipal, Essex County (Newark) is having a Sheriff's election, but the incumbent Democrat is unopposed. If there are issues with the long serving Sheriff, they will have to wait til the next go round.

Get out there and vote! #novemberistoolate

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