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June 5th Super Tuesday Pt 5 - CA!!!

Ok, we have finally made it to CA! Whew! So in this blog I am going to cover the House races and Senate/Governors races and then to local level elections in tomorrow's post.

CA is the biggest target for pickup, full of endangered Republicans. But as most Californians have probably heard by now, the system is a jungle primary, not separate party races. Meaning the top 2 winners regardless of party get to move on. So if 2 Republicans run, and 5 Dems, those 5 Dems could split the vote and allow the 2 Republicans to move on with no Dems in the general. Which would totally suck.

Pod Save America has been really focusing on this stuff, so several of these recommendations are straight from them! If you want to hear them talk about this, its the May 31 episode, "The outrage election." I am also really strongly pointing out who has Emily's List support. In the absence of either of those markers, I am noting who has DCCC support or just reading what I can about the race. The focus is on picking the top 2 candidates to focus on so that the Dem vote is not badly split. The other candidates may be very awesome and very worthy, but what's important here is getting at least one Dem more votes than the 2nd place Republican.

District rundowns:

CA-4 (Sierra's from Trukee to Sequoia Nat. Forest): Because there is an incumbent here, chances are good the other Republican running won't really be a factor. But just in case, I would focus on any of the 3 women in the race, Regina Bateson, Roza Calderon, or Jessica Morse.

CA-10 (Northern San Joaquin Valley): Virginia Madueno is the Emily's List endorsed candidate.

CA-25 (Northern LA county and part of Ventura): Katie Hill is the Emily's List endorsed candidate.

CA-39 (Fullerton/Yorba Linda): This is an open seat so there are lots of people on both sides, making this a real potential nightmare scenario. Mai Khanh Tran is the Emily's List endorsed candidate. However Pod Save focused in on Gil Cisneros (who has the backing of the DCCC) and Andy Thorburn (Our Revolution backed) as the current top 2 polling candidates. Please pick from among these 3.

CA-45 (Orange County): Katie Porter is the Emily's List endorsed candidate.

CA-48 (Orange County): This is NOT an open seat, but there are also Republicans running to "primary" the incumbent Rohrabacher. Pod Save highlighted 2 here, Harley Rouda (DCCC and Indivisible support and lots of other endorsements) and Hans Keirstead (less endorsements but still some support). Please pick among one of these 2. (and be aware that several candidates have dropped out but are still on the ballot)

CA-49 (Northern coastal San Diego County): This is another open seat. Sara Jacobs is the Emily's List endorsed candidate. Pod Save noted her as well as Doug Applegate and Mike Levin. Please pick one of these 3.

CA-50 (Northern and eastern San Diego suburbs): Here there is an incumbent, Duncan Hunter, but 2 other Republicans are also running for some reason. There are 3 Dems here, all dudes. I would pick either Josh Butner since he is a vet, or Ammar Campa-Najjar since he is a POC and worked in the Obama Labor department. I'm sure the 3rd guy is just fine, but he lost in 2016 so I am not gung-ho on him.

There are a couple more flippable districts that somehow don't have competitive primaries, so stay tuned for November on those!

Governor's race:

Jerry Brown is term-limited out and tons of people want to replace him. Most prominently, there is Lt Governor Gavin Newsom, a rising-star who is looking to rise even higher. His top competition includes John Chiang the state Treasurer, Delain Eastin a former superintendent of public instruction, and Antonio Villaraigoa the former mayor of LA. There are at least 8 other Dems running, but these are the big 4. Fortunately since this is a statewide election and Democrats are an overwhelming majority, its more likely that 2 Dems will make it through rather than 2 Republicans, so pick whoever you want!

Senate race:

Dianne Feinstein is running for another term, but is facing a strong primary challenge from her left from Kevin de Leon. Totally possible it will be the 2 of them in the general, so I would go with one or the other.

There are also races for other statewide offices. Emily's List has endorsed Eleni Kounalakis for Lt Governor, Fiona Ma for State Treasurer, and Betty Yee for State Comptroller. There are also open seats for Insurance Commissioner and State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Whew! Big state! Get out there and vote!!!

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