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June 5th Super Tuesday Pt 6!!! CA Local races!

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Ok, now the other half of CA! Today I will cover the CA Senate and Assembly, and local races for District Attorney and Sheriff. For the latter, I will be relying heavily on Real Justice PAC, an organization founded by Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King. He has made CA ground zero in the fight for criminal justice reform, and I highly highly recommend you check him and his organization out : Real Justice PAC.

CA State Senate:

So thanks to CA's crazy primary system where the top two finishers regardless of party go on, a lot of these districts are free-for-alls, and its really important to make sure at least 1 Democratic candidate goes through. There are active primaries in almost all districts, but here are some highlights:

SD-12 (Merced, San Benito, most of Madera, half of Monterey): Emily's List has endorsed Anna Caballero to challenge the incumbent Republican.

SD-14 (Kings, Tulare, and part of Fresno county): 3 Dems have signed up to challenge the incumbent Republican.

SD-22 (San Gabriel Valley LA): 4 Dems are competing for this open seat, there is no Republican so 2 of them will advance.

SD-24 (East LA): Emily's List has endorsed Maria Elena Durazo for this open seat, which is safe Dem.

SD-29 (Fullerton/Yorba Linda): This is a different one, in that there is a recall election against incumbent Dem Josh Newman for voting in favor of a gas tax hike. Pretty much everyone on the Dem side is supporting Newman against the recall. He is not up for normal re-election this year.

SD-32 (Gateway Cities LA): This is the craziest one. There are 2 things going on here: a primary for a special election because the Senator resigned, and also the regular primary. And the Senator who resigned (over sexual harassment claims) is running in both of them because he claims he was forced out. 7 other Dems and 2 Reps are running as well in both. Since this is a really sold Dem area, its likely 2 of the Dem candidates will go to the general, and the special election on Aug 7. Do some research on who you like, its a free for all!

SD-34 (Santa Ana LA and Little Saigon): 3 Dems are running to unseat the Republican incumbent.

On to the Assembly

AD-15 (Berkeley, Richmond, Oakland): 11 Dems are running for this open seat, which is a very safe Dem seat. Buffy Wicks has the endorsements, but some people aren't thrilled with the fact that she only moved there in 2016, so local officials Dan Kalb and Jovanka Beckles are her top competition. Expect a 2 Dem-general.

AD-30 (South San Fran bay, Monterey and San Benito): 4 Dems are running for this open seat.

AD-39 (NE San Fernando Valley): 5 Dems are in the fight for this open seat, Luz Maria Rivas is the Emily's List endorsed candidate. Luz Rivas is also the general election candidate for the special election for this district, also happening on June 5th.

AD-45 (Western San Fernando Valley): 6 Dems are running for this solidly Blue open seat. Jesse Gabriel is the general election candidate for the special election for the rest of the term, happening the same day.

AD-54 (Westside LA): Sydney Kamlager outright won the seat special election primary earlier this year, and is running for the full term in a crowded field.

AD-58 (Gateway cities LA): Incumbent Cristina Garcia has been accused of sexual harassment, and has drawn 6 Dem challengers.

AD-63 (Gateway cities LA): Incumbent Anthony Rendon is the Assembly Speaker and has drawn a strong challenge from Maria Estrada for refusing to bring up a single-payer health care bill.

AD-76 (Coastal San Diego county): This is normally a Republican district, but 6 Reps are trying to fight it out against only 2 Dems. In the jungle primary, a Dem (or 2!) might sneak through. Tasha Boerner-Horvath is the Emily's List endorsed candidates.

OK Sheriff's and District Attorneys! These folks are the front line of criminal justice reform, they probably have more power over the daily lives of struggling people than Congress or Trump.

Alameda County (Oakland): Real Justice PAC has endorsed Pamela Price for DA.

Kern County (Bakersfield): Has a competitive primary for both Sheriff and DA, check out their positions!

Contra Costa County (East Bay San Fran): Real Justice PAC AND Emily's List has endorsed Diana Bectin for DA.

Los Angeles County: 3 people are running for Sheriff

Orange County: There is a competitive primary for both Sheriff and DA

Riverside County: There is a competitive primary for both Sheriff and DA

Sacramento County: Real Justice PAC has endorsed Noah Phillips for DA, and Milo Fitch for Sheriff.

San Bernadino County: Competitive primary for DA

San Diego County: Real Justice PAC AND Emily's List has endorsed Genevieve Jones-Wright for DA. There is also a competitive Sheriff's race.

San Joaquin County (Stockton): Competitive Sheriff's race

Santa Clara County (San Jose): Here we are hoping to recall Judge Aaron Persky who gave rapist Brock Turner 6 months. #yadone. Also there are several people running for Sheriff.

Late addition! Yolo County (Sacramento): The DA there has been prosecuting shoplifters as felonies in violation of CA law, vote for Dean Johansson to replace him!!!

Full list of CA local elections. There are also a lot of mayors, city coucils, etc up for vote today, and these elections are just as important as President or Senator. GO BLUE!

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