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Less Super, still important! June 12 - Maine

Whew, what a day June 5th was! Lots of really awesome results, and some we are still waiting on. As usual, California is full of drama :) But now we need to look forward to the next round on June 12th, when five more states have primaries including Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, Virginia, and today's state, Maine!

One of most important things up for a vote on Tuesday is Maine's rank-choice voting system. The questions is very oddly worded, but bottom line, vote YES to keep RCV. RCV is really great, a very important voting reform that should be implemented everywhere, and its really important for democratic (small D!) reform that Maine keep being a leader with this system.

The governor of Maine, Paul LePage, is thankfully term-limited. How much this guy sucks is a whole 'nother blog, but its great to see him go! This is a top level pick-up opportunity for Democrats. 7 Dems have signed up to run, but Attorney General Janet Mills is the Emily's List endorsed candidate.

In the Senate, Angus King is up for re-election. Though he is technically independent, he caucuses with the Dems and is a reliable liberal vote so there isn't really a race to replace him. Being independent, he doesn't need a primary, and there is only one Dem running.

In the House, District 2 is a target for flipping. The district is most of the state's area, covering anything not Portland or Augusta. 3 gentlemen are running to knock off incumbent Bruce Poliquin. Jared Golden, a state Rep and veteran is probably the favorite, but there is also non-profit executive Lucas St. Clair and bookstore owner Craig Olson. All three have very similar liberal positions on the major issues, so pick your favorite!

Maine's State Senate and House are up for election as well. Maine's Senate is extremely narrowly divided, so with some good turnout, Dems could take control. Competitive primaries include:

SD7 (Ellsworth): an open seat held by a Republican, 2 Dems are running to flip it.

SD11 (Belfast): Same as SD7

SD15 (Augusta): Same as SD7

SD16 (Benton): 2 Dems are running to unseat the Republican incumbent. Karen Kusiak is endorsed by Emily's List.

SD17 (Farmington): Same as SD7. Jan Collins in endorsed by Emily's List.

SD28 (Portland): An active primary for an open Dem seat, this is likely the general election.

And in the House, Dems have control but only narrowly. Competitive primaries include:

HD2 (South Berwick): A Dem open seat, the primary is your chance to choose between 2 ladies running!

HD12 (Biddeford): Another open seat, with no Republican running so now's the time to pick.

HD13 (Old Orchard Beach): same as HD2 only one man and one woman running.

HD21 (Alfred): 2 Dems are running to try and flip the seat from a Republican incumbent.

HD30 (Cape Elizabeth): 2 Dems running to hold this open seat.

HD32 (South Portland): same as HD30

HD40 (Portland): The Dem incumbent here has a primary challenger, make sure you are happy with your current Representation! Since this is a safe Dem spot, its your only chance to change it.

HD42 (Portland): Same as HD40.

HD456 (Lisbon): same as HD21.

HD65 (New Gloucester): 2 Dems running to flip this open seat.

HD70 (Hiram): Same as HD65.

HD88 (Chelsea): same as HD65.

HD97 (Belfast): same as HD30.

HD99 (Knox): same as HD21

HD109 Waterville): same as HD30

Many many of theses primaries are unopposed. Maine's legislature is part time, so if you aren't happy with your current Senator or Rep, you might consider running yourself! Full List of candidates: House Senate

In important local elections, June 12 is also when Cumberland County (Portland) is electing a new District Attorney. There are 4 Dems running and the winner will almost assuredly win in November. Jon Gale has defended Black Lives Matter protestors, while Frayla Tarpinian has Emily's List's endorsement. Make sure your Portland friends are paying attention to this important election. More info

Be a voter!!!

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