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May 15 - Oregon!

Oregon, the cream filling of the Pacific Blue Oreo :)

Being a pretty blue state, OR only has 1 Republican Rep in the 2nd District, which is really rural (Medford and Bend are it's largest towns) and hasn't elected a Democrat since 1978, so...yeah. Still there are a lot of Dems running, so pick a fave! In the other districts with incumbent Dems, there don't seem to be any serious primary challenges, nor any Reps who are more conservative than their district and thus are deserving of one.

Oregon is also having primaries for state legislature. Both chambers are Dem-controlled, but there are open seats, and races where progressive candidates are challenging moderate incumbents!

State Senate:

3 - Athena Goldberg is endorsed by Emily's List for this open seat in Medford and areas to the south.

11 - Joyce Judy is challenging Senate President Peter Courtney due to his opposition to certain progressive legislation, most notably the effort to end the Electoral College. This district is Salem to Woodburn

24 - Two newcomers are primarying incumbent Rod Monroe. This East Portland district is increasingly diverse, and Monroe has been accused of being too cozy to real-estate interests at the expense of renters. Both challengers, Shemia Fagan and Kayse Jama, promise a new direction and to represent the marginalized of the district.

State House

6 - Emily's List has endorsed Michelle Blum Atkinson for this open seat in Medford.

11 - Emily's List has endorsed Kimberly Koops for this open seat covering the area north and east of Eugene.

24 - Three Dems are vying for the spot to get this open seat. The establishment, progressive groups, and Emily's List are all behind Tiffiny Mitchell. Rare agreement, she must be pretty great! The district covers McMinville and the area to the north.

Get at your Oregon friends!!

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