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May 22 Primaries - a tour of the South!

We had great results in the May 15th primaries, a lot of great Dem candidates for the House, particularly some great women. PA's delegation is currently all-male, but I have a feeling that will change this November!

But now it's time to look forward to May 22, when Arkansas, Georgia, and Kentucky are having initial primaries, and Texas is having runoff primaries!

Let's start with Arkansas:

Like many southern states, AR has a two-round primary; if no one gets over 50% in the first round, the top 2 finishers will go to a runoff on June 19.

In the governor's race, there are 2 Dems running but most people feel there is no way this seat will be competitive, Asa Hutchinson is the favorite to keep it. The days of AR electing Democrats statewide seem to have ended for now...

House races

AR-2: This is the only one of AR's 4 districts Cook rates as competitive. Of course, this is the district encompassing Little Rock and surrounding areas. There are 4 Dem candidates running, and while State Rep and attorney Clarke Tucker is the early favorite, the other candidates all have solidly progressive platforms, particularly teacher Gwen Combs and project manager Jonathan Dunkley. Check them out and pick a favorite! It seems likely there will be a runoff between 2 of them in June. Dem's have been targeting this district for several cycles, hopefully this might be the year!

State House

Dems controlled the AR legislature for a long time, but that was mostly due to the peculiar old Southern Democrat misalignment. That has ended, and many legislators switched parties, and now Republicans have a super-majority. Dems need to flip 2 seats to break that super-majority.

There are only a few competitive primaries for the House, in districts 33, 35, 36, 37, 39, 48, and 86. Several of these are safe Dem open seats, meaning this is basically the general election, and none of these are likely to have runoffs!

State Senate

There are only 2 competitive primaries here - 24 and 30. Again, both of these are safe Dem seats, so this is the general election!

Bother your AR friends, and send them here to check out these races:,_2018,_2018

Other sources:

Other states coming later this weekend!

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