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May 22 Primaries - hey, that's today!

I apologize Dear Readers for being AWOL this week, I have been traveling and was clearly too optimistic about my blogging time. But politics never stops!!! So here is a quick roundup of the other important races today in Georgia, Texas, and Kentucky! (see previous post for Arkansas!)

Georgia - there is a hot primary for governor on the Democratic side, a classic progressive v. moderate showdown, made all the more confusing by the fact that both women running are named Stacey. Abrams is the progressive choice, a former House minority leader and a woman of color, while Evans is a more moderate former State Rep. I think both women would be great, but my personal edge goes to Abrams, as I believe a woman of color running for governor could really galvanize the large African-American community in GA and kickstart what many believe is GA's inevitable slide from red to purple. Dems always run moderate white politicians and they never win, so maybe let's try shaking things up a little? Emily's List has also endorsed Abrams. Either way, its an important vote for Dems in GA.

For Congress, Dems are trying to flip GA-6 and GA-7, both northern suburbs of Atlanta. (You may remember last year's special election in GA-6!) In the 6th, Lucy McBath is the Emily's List endorsed candidate. In the 7th, its Carolyn Bordeaux. Both fields are quite crowded though, so a run-off in July is likely!

In the State Senate, Dems are trying to beat back a Republican supermajority, and there are several districts with competitive primaries! The situation is similar in the House, with even more competitive primaries!

Over to Kentucky!

The only competitive House race here is KY-6, the area around Lexington and Frankfort. 6 Dems are running, including military veteran Amy McGrath. KY doesn't have a runoff, so this is for all the marbles!

KY is also having primaries for its State House and Senate. There are only 3 competitive primaries for the Senate, but quite a few for the House!

Lexington and Louisville, the 2 biggest cities in the state, are also holding local races for Mayor and other local offices.


The first runoff of the year, but tons of them! 11 districts are having Democratic runoffs, most notably Districts 7 and 21. Get out there and vote!

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