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May 8 NC Sheriff primaries!

Thanks to Shaun King for his work in alerting people to these important avenues for police reform!

Mecklenburg County has a pretty crappy sheriff, Carmichael. He holds juveniles in solitary, won't let people have in-person family visits, partners with ICE to detain immigrants, and doesn't support external accountability of police. And he's a Democrat! But he's got 2 challengers in his primary tomorrow, and it would be great if one of them win. Both of them have pledged to change these egregious policies.

Durham County also has an important Sheriff primary tomorrow. Sheriff Andrews also partners with ICE, conditions in his jails have been heavily criticized, and he prosecuted people who toppled a Confederate statue. Also a Democrat, his primary challenger is Birkhead.

Alert your Charlotte and Durham friends to this important race!



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