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May 8 Primaries!

More highlights for the May 8 primaries in IN, OH, NC, WV! I had hoped to spend more time pointing out certain districts, but I just don't have time this week, so here is a quick and dirty rundown:

NC: Competitive House districts include 2, 7, 9, and 13. Special shoutout to Kathy Manning in District 13, she is endorsed by Emily's List!

WV: The Republican Senate primary is taking all the oxygen, but WV-3 is noted as competitive, it has 3 Dems duking it out to flip this open seat, so pick your fave!

OH: Ohio is also having a primary for Governor, on the Dem side I am a fan of former CFPB head Richard Cordray. Dennis Kucinich is certainly an interesting guy who is very progressive, but Ohio is a purple state and I definitely think Cordray has a much better shot at winning.

For the House, districts 1, 10, 12, 14, and 15 are looking competitive. Shoutout to Betsy Rader in District 14, endorsed by Emily's List.

All four of these states are also having primaries for state legislatures, and all of them are completely Republican controlled. There are way too many of these races to profile individually, but you can find all info about your district here:,_2018

Happying primary-ing!!! Its the dress rehearsal for the main event, and any actor can tell you that going straight to opening night with no dress rehearsal is a baaaad idea!


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