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More June 12 - Nevada!

Today we hit the great and growing western state of Nevada! There is LOT going on here this year.

#1 is the NV Senate race, which holds the Dems BEST chance of picking off a Republican Senate seat. Due to chance with 1/3 of the Senate being up each cycle, there aren't a lot of Republican seats up this year, and this is the only one where Hillary won the state. The primary is pretty crowded, but the clear favorite and Emily's List endorsee is Rep Jacky Rosen. Let's add another lady to the Senate!

NV also has an open governor's race which is another great pickup opportunity. In another crowded primary, Emily's List has endorsed Chris Giunchigliani, the Clark County Commissioner.

In the House, Dems are actually in the position of needing to hold on to 2 open seats. In D3 (South of Las Vegas), the seat Jacky Rosen is vacating to run for Senate, Emily's list has endorsed Susie Lee. This is a competitive district, we have to make sure to hang on to the seats we have even while we try to flip more. In D4 (North of Las Vegas), the Dem incumbent had to resign due to sexual misconduct allegations so it is especially important we put up a good solid candidate to hold the seat, which has flipped back and forth between parties several times. Steven Horsford, who narrowly lost the seat in 2014, is leading in money. I would also check out Patricia Spearman, a State Rep; Allison Stephens, a member of the NV Higher Ed Board of Regents; and Amy Vilela, a financial consultant with a very compelling personal story.

On to the State Senate and Assemby!

In the State Senate, Dems have narrow control of the chamber 12-9, and the seats that are up are in districts that split evenly between Trump and Hillary in 2016, so holding seats will require good turnout. Here are the competitive primaries:

SD8 (Las Vegas): Emily's List has endorsed Marilyn Dondero Loop for this open seat, held by a Republican turned independent who was caucusing with the Dems.

SD9 (Las Vegas): Emily's List has endorsed Melanie Scheible to take back this seat.

SD20 (Las Vegas): Emily's List has endorsed Julie Pazina to flip this seat.

SD21 (Las Vegas): 3 Dems are running to hold this open seat.

Full List

In the Assembly, ALL seats are up. The Dems have pretty solid control of the chamber, so let's keep it that way. Thanks to term limits, there are several open seats in safe Dem districts, so THE PRIMARY IS THE GENERAL ELECTION!

AS2 (La Vegas): 2 Dems are competing to flip this seat.

AS4 (Las Vegas): Emily's List has endorsed Connie Munk to flip this seat.

AS12 (Las Vegas): 7 Dems are running to hold this open seat.

AS15 (Las Vegas): 5 Dems are running to hold this open seat.

AS22 (Henderson): 2 Dems are running to flip this seat.

AS24 (Reno): Emily's List has endorsed Deonne Contine to hold this safe open seat.

AS35 (Las Vegas): Emily's List has endorsed Michelle Gorelow to hold this open seat.

AS37 (Las Vegas): Emily's List has endorsed Shea Backus to flip this seat.

AS42 (Las Vegas): 3 candidates are running for this totally safe open seat.

Full List

And in very important municipal elections, Clark County (Las Vegas) is having an election for District Attorney. Robert Langford, a civil rights attorney, is fighting to oust incumbent Steven Wolfson. Langford has made ending mass incarceration and bail reform a main issue and Wolfson has been talking about it more as well. Both candidates have some baggage though - Wolfson didn't prosecute an aid who stole thousands, and Lanford has a substantial bill for back taxes. Read more

There is also a contested Sheriff's race - Bedwell, Caldwell, and Martines appeared at a forum to oppose sanctuary cities. Read here Incumbent Sheriff Lombardo got a lot of flack for his actions in the aftermath of the Las Vegas concert shooting last October. The 5th candidate in the race has virtually no info up. Pick the least worst option.

There are also DA and Sheriff elections in Washoe County (Reno). The DA is unopposed, but there are 7 people running for Sheriff with no incumbent. Profiles of all here

There are also city councils etc!

Get your friends in LV and Reno to vote in these primaries! Turnout is key, and people who vote in the primaries will be ready for the generals!!!! Be a voter!

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