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More primaries May 15!

The May 8 primaries are behind us, and we have lots of great candidates! All of Emily's List's candidates won, and we also got rid of those 2 crappy Sheriffs. On to the next!

(BTW, in case you haven't heard of them before, Emily's List is an organization dedicated to electing pro-choice women Democrats, a concept I could not possibly be more in favor of)

Ok so this week we have Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon, and Pennsylvania!

All 4 have Governor's races, with incumbent Dem's running for re-election in PA and OR, and incumbent Republicans in NE and ID. Pretty much no one expects Dems to have a shot at NE or ID, so I won't be worrying about them. OR is pretty safe for Dems. Tom Wolf in PA will need your help in the general, but he is good for now.

For the Senate we have races in NE and PA. Even this year, most people don't think we have a shot at NE, so there isn't much of a primary there. In PA, Bob Casey isn't really being challenged, he will need support for the general to hold the seat.

Now to the fun part, the House races!

ID only has 2 Reps, and no one thinks the Dems have a shot at either of them, so there doesn't seem to be anyone interesting running. Maybe next time!


NE-2: This district covers Omaha and the surrounding area (and its the one Obama won in '08) Two Dems are fighting for the right to challenge the Republican incumbent Don Bacon. Brad Ashford actually won the seat in 2014 but then lost it in 2016. He has name recognition, the support of the DCCC and the fact that he won before on his side, but a conservative voting record and the fact that he lost against him. Kara Eastman, an executive at a health non-profit, is running as a true progressive, with a strong focus on health care and women's rights. This is a tough call, because this is a clearly winnable seat, so it's tempting to go with the more conservative candidate who has won the seat before. (I refuse to call Ashford a "moderate" because I don't think his conservative positions are moderate; they are conservative.) In my opinion, Kara Eastman is where the energy and enthusiasm in the Democratic party comes from, and I think it might be a better race with new blood than with the guy who lost last time. But that is for the people of greater Omaha to decide, so make sure your friends there know about the election!

NE State Senate: While the Dems have no chance of actually taking over the state Senate (it's currently 32-15) the Republicans have a supermajority, allowing them extra override power during a redistricting year. If a few seats flip, the Dems will at least not be fighting a supermajority. Thus, its important to have the best candidate running in all of these races! 24 seats, half the chamber, are up for re-election, and only the top 2 finishers go on. We need to make sure that there is one Dem and not just 2 Republicans!

I'll discuss Oregon tomorrow, and Pennsylvania after that!!!

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