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Sept 4 - Massachusetts!

We are rapidly closing on the end of the primary season! All we have left is Massachusetts, Delaware, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and the New York state level primaries! After Sept 13, we can focus exclusively on the general election in November. But till then...Massachusetts is a SUPER blue state so all these primaries are pretty much the deciding election.

Governor! MA is yet one more blue state with a surprisingly popular Republican governor. Still, we should try to put up the best person possible. Jay Gonzalez, a former member of the Patrick administration, looks to be the better choice. Bob Massie is clearly a passionate activist, but he would be more of a symbolic choice and unlikely to win.

For Senate, Warren is up, no primary there.

In the House, every single Rep is a Democrat, so no seats to flip here, but there are some active primaries.

MA1 (Western third of the state and Springfield): Incumbent Richard Neal is facing a serious primary challenge from the Our Revolution endorsed Tahira Amatul-Wadud, an attorney and Muslim community activist. As no Republican is even running, THIS IS THE GENERAL!

MA3 (Merrimack Valley): Niki Tsongas is stepping down, leaving an open seat in a safe Dem district! TEN yes ten Dems are running for the seat. I can't possibly pick just one, so I would focus on Intelligence Analyst and Transgender activist Alexandra Chandler, former Boston Mayor chief of staff Dan Koh, State Senator Barbara L'Italien, and State Rep Juana Matias. Likely the winner will have 20%, so every vote really counts here.

MA4 (part of Boston and Bristol county): Joe Kennedy III is an institution here, but he does have a primary challenge from Environmental activist Gary Rucinski, whose only issues is climate change.

MA7 (Boston): Incumbent Mike Capuano is facing a challenge from Boston City Counilor Ayanna Pressley. Pressley has a progressive platform, and argues that Capuano being a white guy, he's not exactly the best fit for the most diverse district in MA.

MA8 (Boston and Norfolk county): Incumbent Stephen Lynch is facing a primary challenge from 2 other Dems. Brianna Wu, software developer and progressive activist, is the stronger contender and deserves a look.

MA9 (Plymouth and the Cape): Incumbent Bill Keating is facing a challenge from the left from construction executive Bill Cimbrelo. Being that this is the least Democratic district in MA, that may not be the way to go.

At the state level, all 40 Senate Seats are up! Dems have an overwhelming majority, and need to keep at least 27 seats to have a veto-proof majority with the Republican governor. That being the case, most of the primaries ARE THE GENERAL! There are active primaries in:

Berkshire/Hampshire/Franklin/Hampden: The Dem incumbent has a challenger.

2nd Essex and Middlesex: a Dem open seat, 3 people are running.

Hampden: The Dem incumbent has a challenger.

Hampsire/Franklin/Worcester: A safe Dem open seat, there are 4 people running. 3 of them however are write-ins and not on the ballot.

1st Middlesex: 5 Dems are running for this safe Dem open seat.

Fifth Middlesex: The Dem incumbent has a challenger.

Norfolk/Bristol/Middlesex: 3 Dems are running to challenge the Republican incumbent.

Plymouth and Barnstable: 2 Dems are running to challenge the Republican incumbent.

Full List

In the State House, all seats are also up, and Dems have a massive and veto-proof majority. Again, any primaries here are mostly for totally safe Dem seats, there won't be anything really to vote on in November. There are waaaay too many primaries to go into all of them so check out the full list.

At the municipal level, Suffolk County (Boston) is electing a new District Attorney. Real Justice PAC, the premier criminal justice reform organization, has endorsed Rachael Rollins. It's a 5-person race so every vote counts!

NOW is really the time for Massachusetts, get out there and vote! #beavoter

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