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The Midterms - Hawaii and Rhode Island!

It's been a rough week. In a rough year. Really 2. So let's take a little breather with 2 of our smaller Blue states, Hawaii and Rhode Island!

Hawaii! Pretty much the bluest state in the nation, so not a lot at stake here, but let's give Hawaiians props for reliably electing great people!

Governor: David Ige was renominated despite the whole accidental alert thing, so he's the favored candidate. His Republican opponent's platform sounds exactly like a Democrat's except for gun control and lowering taxes, she's probably more liberal than the Democratic Governor of Montana!

Senate: Mazie Hirono is up, and she has been a big damn hero this week on the Judiciary Committee. She has nominal opposition, so enjoy getting to vote for a great Senator!

Both House seats will easily go Dem, with Ed Case taking the open seat and Tulsi Gabbard being re-elected.

In the State Senate, Dems literally hold ALL the seats, which is bonkers. There are 13 seats up this cycle, and Republicans are only contesting 5 of them! There are no races to watch, cause none of these are are really competitive, and even if they won all 5 seats it wouldn't matter at all.

In the State House, Dems have a 46-5 lead. All House seats are up, but Republicans are only contesting 18 of them, and Hillary Clinton won every district so it's highly unlikely Republicans can gain seats and in fact might lose some.

For ballot measures, HI is voting on whether or not to hold a Constitutional Convention to change the State Constitution. HI has periodically held these, and often made positive changes. There is also a measure to add a surcharge on investment property to fund education, with support and opposition along fairly standard party lines.

At the local level, Honolulu is having elections for City Council, you can check out the candidates here. Voting locally is just as important!

On to Rhode Island! Also a very Blue state, but they do have a few Republicans.

RI is also having a Governor's race, and the Dem incumbent is not terribly popular, due to pension reform and blunder. But frankly, she seems to be doing the best she can in a bad situation and a tough political climate, and I think she should get another shot, because her Republican opponent in certainly not going to be more progressive than she is!

In the Senate, Sheldon Whitehouse is up and he should have no trouble! He too has been great on the Judiciary Committee this week.

Both House seats are Dem held and expected to stay that way, no problem.

At the State level, the whole Senate is up, and its currently 33-5 in Dem control. 23 seats is needed for a gubernatorial veto if we were to lose that race, and Republicans are only contesting 20 seats. These Dems are in Obama/Trump districts:

SD9 (West Warick): Adam Satchell

SD22 (North Providence): Steve Archambault,

SD23 (Burillville and Glocester): Kevin Heitke, this is an open seat!

SD25 (Johnston): Frank Lombardo III

SD27 (Cranston): Hanna Gallo

SD33 (East Greenwich): Leonidas Raptakis

In the House, all 75 seats are up, and Dems hold 64, 19 more than they need to override a veto. Republicans are only contesting 27. These Dems are in Obama/Trump districts:

HD15 (Crantston): Nicholas Mattiello (though he's the Speaker, so he's probably fine!)

HD25 (Coventry): Thomas Noret, open seat!

HD27 (West Warwick): Particia Serpa

HD47 (Burillville, Glocester): Cale Keable

HD53 (Smithfield): Bernard Hawkins, open seat!

All of the ballot measures are about bonds, nothing too sexy :)

So that's it for small Blue states! There really are only 4 of them (the other 2 being Vermont and Delaware) And these states should be a strong illustration of how important voting in the primaries is! If you don't like any of these Democratic candidates, well then the time to decide that was weeks ago in Aug for Hawaii or Sep 12 for Rhode Island. Now, you gotta dance with the party that brung ya, and vote Democrat, because at this point your alternative is not a better progressive but an even crappier Republican.

Go vote! #beavoter!

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