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The Midterms - West Virginia and Nebraska!

We are moving right along, to states that have 3 House Reps! Today we have West Virginia and Nebraska, two generally Red states with Blue eccentricities.

West Virginia - it always votes solidly Republican in the Presidential elections these days, but it wasn't always so! Bill Clinton won it twice, and hell, they even voted for Dukakis! Long a part of the Democratic south, it often votes for Dems at the state level. Like other southern states, WV has been slowly switching over to the Republican party, but while the switch is mostly complete elsewhere, Dems still have a strong presence here. WV used to have 6 Congressional districts, but now it only has 3 due to loss of population.

WV has a very important Senate race for us! Joe Manchin may occasionally vote the wrong way, but if we lose his seat he will be replaced with someone who will always do what Mitch McConnell wants, and that is not good for us. This last couple weeks should dramatically underscore how important flipping the Senate is for us. Its gonna require us drawing an inside straight, and part of that is holding this seat no matter what. Once we lose Joe, we may never get it back.

In the House, we have a surprisingly competitive race in WV3, which is Huntington and the southern part of the state. All 3 of the districts are very Red, but somehow this open seat is considered a possible pickup. Our candidate is State Senator and veteran Richard Ojeda.

At the state level, half of the Senate is up. Until 2014, Dems held the majority, mostly for reasons discussed above. Republicans now have a 22-12 majority. Trump won every district, and Romney won every one before that, so the only chance for any pickups would be huge turnout by Dems for Joe and in WV3.

All 100 State House Seats are up this year. Republicans control it 63-37. There are 2 Republicans in districts with Blue tendencies:

HD65 (Charles Town): Sammi Brown is our candidate, endorsed by the PCCC

HD67 (North of Charles Town): John Doyle is our candidate

For ballot measures, we have the delightful Amendment 1, which adds language to the state constitution saying that it does not protect abortion or abortion funding. Always a great way to turn out the base, so let's turn out ours!

On to Nebraska! NE is pretty red, except occasionally for Omaha.

In the Governor's race, Bob Krist is trying to unseat the sitting Republican incumbent. He is a former Republican, but he's also a veteran and a State Senator. There are also active races for Secretary of State and State Auditor.

There is a Senate race here with a Republican incumbent, a rarity this cycle! But this race isn't really getting a lot of attention or being contested. Maybe if our candidate Jane Raybould can make a better than expected showing, we might start contesting more NE races. I mean, Ben Sasse isn't all that bad as Republicans go, but he is up in 2020!

In House races, NE2 is a hot target! It covers the Omaha area, it's only R+4 and has been held by Dems in the past. Our candidate is Kara Eastman, an excellent progressive with a lot of energy behind her, endorsed by Emily's List and the PCCC.

At the State level, half of the Legislature is up (There is only one chamber). Republicans have a 32-15 seat lead, 2 more than needed for a supermajority. Races to watch:

SD6 (Omaha): A possible pickup, in a rare Romney/Clinton district! Machaela Cavanaugh is our candidate.

SD18 (Omaha): This district is only narrowly Red, so it might be poachable. Scott Winkler is our candidate.

SD20 (Omaha): Another narrowly Red district, Jackie Collett is our candidate.

For ballot measures, we have one of my favorites, NI427 which would expand Medicaid! Hopefully this excellent measure will drive turnout among people who desperately need insurance, and those who love and support them!

Douglas County, which contains Omaha, is having local elections for a bunch of offices, including Commissioner, and Sheriff. For Sheriff in particular, Mike Hughes is running against the incumbent on a reform platform.

Lancaster County, which is Lincoln, is also having municipal elections, but a lot of them are unopposed.

Lot happening in these supposed Red states, time to turn out Dems, people who don't normally vote, and people who normally vote Republican but aren't happy with the way things are going!!!


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