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The Midterms - Wyoming and Alaska

THE PRIMARIES ARE OVER!!! Its been a looooong slog, starting with Texas on March 6th and ending with Rhode Island and New York State on November 12th and 13th respectively. 8 solid months of the Democratic party picking its candidates, the standard-bearers who will lead us to victory (hopefully!) in the Midterms on November 6th. Whether your candidate won or lost doesn't matter anymore, its time to support Democrats. For instance, I'm not exactly thrilled that Cuomo is going to be Governor of NY for another 4 years, but his Republican opponent is clearly way worse, so I will be happily voting for Cuomo, no question.

So for the remaining 7ish weeks until the General Election, I will be blogging about important races, highlighting our candidates, talking up their awesomeness. I will be starting with the least populous states, and working my way down to the most. We will also be sure to highlight ballot initiatives and key state-level races as well. So strap in, and enjoy the next 2 months of non-stop Midterm action!

First up today we have our 2 most sparsely populated states, Alaska and Wyoming.


Like 3/4 of the states this year, Alaska is having their governor's race. The current governor, Bill Walker, is technically an independent but he's long been a member of the GOP. He ran in 2014 on a unity ticket with his Democratic Lt Governor, and since no Dem ran, he was able to eke out a victory. This year, he is running again as an independent, but he has a Dem challenger in former Senator Mark Begich. With a 3-way race, anything could happen!

Alaska's House seat is the whole state, and it's not totally out-of-reach in a wave year, and this race has made the Cook Report 100. Democrats have an excellent candidate in Education Reform Activist Alyse Galvin. Don Young has been the AK Rep since friggin 1972, there are probably plenty of Alaskans out there ready for change.

State Senate: Half of Alaska's 20 Senate seats are up, and if Dem's can flip 5 of them, they can re-take the chamber. That's a pretty tall order though. Still, flipping a couple seats this year might make flipping the whole chamber much more possible in 2020, so still important!

District A (Fairbanks): State Rep Scott Kawasaki is challenging the Republican incumbent.

District G (Eagle River): Former Marine Oliver Scheiss is running for this open seat.

District I (Anchorage): Elvi Gray-Jackson, a former member of the Anchorage Municipal Assembly, is running for this open seat.

District K (Anchorage): Attorney Sam Cason is running for this open seat.

District M (Anchorage): Janice Park is the Democratic nominee for this open seat.

State House: the WHOLE House is up! And amazingly enough, Dems have control of the House through a coalition agreement. However, on their own, they only have 17 of 40 seats, and obviously Republicans are really gunning to take the chamber back. Dems need to hold their seats and pick up a couple more to be sure of keeping control. Here are the top races to watch!

HD5 (Fairbanks): Incumbent Dem Adam Wool is considered endangered!

HD10 (Wasilla): Our Revolution and the PCCC are targeting this race, with candidate Patricia Faye-Brazel.

HD16 (Anchorage): Incumbent Dem Ivy Spohnholz is considered endangered!

HD20 (Anchorage): The PCCC are targeting this race, with candidate Zack Fields.

HD21 (Anchorage): Incumbent Dem Matt Claman is considered endangered!

HD22 (Anchorage): The incumbent, Jason Grenn, is an independent who has been caucusing with the Democrats, and is thus a top target. There are also Dems and Republicans in the race, so anything could happen.

HD25 (Anchorage): This open seat is a top target for Dem flipping, with Pat Higgins, an Anchorage School-Board member.

HD27 (Anchorage): Republican Lance Pruitt, barely, and I do mean BARELY won his race in 2016. Just a little more turnout, and Liz Snyder is the new Rep!

HD31 (Homer): Incumbent Dem Paul Seaton is considered endangered!

HD32 (Kodiak): Our Revolution and the PCCC are targeting this race, with candidate Dennis Harris.

HD34 (Juneau): A Dem-held open seat, Andi Story is running to keep it!

HD36 (Ketchikan): An open seat previously held by an independent, Dems are running Ghert Abbott to capture it!

If you know anyone in Alaska, bother them! Their vote could be really important in a number of races!

On to Wyoming! Which is much less fun, there are waaaaay fewer Dems here. In fact, this was Hillary Clinton's worst state, she only got 22% of the vote. But still, that means there are at least 56,000 potential Dem voters here, and they deserve representation!

There is almost no chance we are going to win the Governor, Senator, or House races here, so I'm not even bothering.

State Senate: Dems only have 3 seats here, so there is nowhere to go but up! All of these seats are Republican held and have a Dem challenger: SD3 (LaGrange), SD11 (Baggs), SD17 (Alta), SD21 (Sheridan), SD25 (Lander).

State House: The situation is similar here, with Dems only having 8 of 40 seats. All are up this year! These districts are Republican held with a Dem challenger: SD5 (Lingle), SD8 (Cheyenne), SD10 (Cheyenne), SD11 (Cheyenne), SD12 (Cheyenne), SD14 (Laramie), SD24 (Cody), SD28 (Thermopolis), SD33 (Lander), SD41 (Cheyenne), SD42 (Cheyenne), SD50 (Powell), SD57 (Casper), and SD59 (Casper).

SD16 (Jackson) and SD44 (Cheyenne) are Dem open seats and need to be defended.

So if you know a (probably lonely) Dem in Wyoming, give them some encouragement!!!


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