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Next show happening August 16th!

Since we can't do in-person shows right now, Parody in Blue is going online!  For the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, women's right to vote, 11 amazing women will share their voices and talents to express their views on voting and politics. Come (sit in front of your laptop) and laugh, cry, and remember the joy of live theater! Featuring parody songs, original songs, stand-up, and monologues! Find the show live on YouTube at youtube.com/parodyinblue. I promise we will be way funnier than the DNC.


Suggested donation is $10, venmo @jennifer-amber or paypal.me/jenniferambler. If you are here for a specific performer, be sure to include their name in the comment so they get credit! Please support arts and artists during this crazy time for our industry!

The latest parody video!
(Trump Did) Nothing