Live Shows


None at this time, check back soon!

Past Shows

Grab 'Em By the Parody - Sept 7th and 8th 2019 at the Producers Club, NYC

Performers: Jennifer Ambler

Angelle Whavers - Instagram @angelle.whavers

Macaela Sears - YouTube 

Emma Benson - YouTube

Ivy Eisenberg - Website

Shir Kaufman

Year of the Woman 3: Return of the Vengeance Rises
The PIT Underground, NYC, Jan 20, 2019

Performers: Jennifer Ambler, Angelle Whavers, Lisbeth Celis, Kathryn Anne-Marie, Allie Parris, 

The Year of Tweeting Dangerously
Sidewalk Cafe Jan 17 2018
The PIT Underground Feb 6 2018