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About Me

Well we know how that turned out. After 4 years of crazy, Jen is excited for a return to normalcy that is clearly never coming. So she will keep writing songs. 

Please enjoy, laugh, cry, and then please fucking vote Democrat.


Who is Jennifer Ambler?

She's a serious political junkie.  No, seriously, she's got a problem.  This is what happens when you listen to nothing but NPR Politics and Pod Save America and watch nothing but Colbert and Seth Meyers and Samantha Bee and...

Jennifer is from Ft Myers, Florida.  She went to UF where she majored in Political Science and Economics, protested Bush, and interned for Senator Bill Nelson (who was sadly lost in the Dem Senate massacre of 2018)  She indulged her white savior complex by joining Teach for America and teaching high school math in Philly.  Then she decided to get a more stable career and jumped into professional musical theatre, and also developed the mother of all crushes on an amazing man named Barack Obama.  After a halcyon 8 years, she was sooooo excited for the first woman president. 

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